minjee mowat

Natural Makeup

After almost 6 months, finally have time to shoot beauty again!

Been wanting to shoot natural makeup with dewy skin for the longest time but schedule just doesn't work for me for the makeup artist and for the models.

3 days ago I contacted my friend Min-jee Mowat (who is now with THEYRep) who is a makeup artist and asked her if she might be interested in doing a beauty shoot the next day. I also contacted Jenna from Next Canada if there's anyone available that night and who would she recommend.  I book the model with full trust that Jenna will give me the best one that is available (time wise, location wise, and skin wise) -- Shooting beauty is one of the hardest for me. You need to have the perfect model with the best skin, a model that is comfortable enough that would be ok having her photo taken super close up. Having a great Makeup artist is of course one of the biggest part of this type of photography. Everyone can do crazy avant garde makeup, but only few people can do a natural makeup (which I love)

The night of the shoot comes, Minjee came an hour early for us to talk about the flow of the shoot. And to be honest I was a little bit nervous with the model because I haven't shot with her before and she's new. At 7pm the model (Zuzana) arrives with her lovely mom (which has the same name-- Zuzana -- whom I got to chat with and know a little bit about her life -- love hearing people's story). When I saw the model I was sooooo happy, she has the best skin I've seen (so far) instantly I knew this will be good. It was so good that I got so excited I retouched one image while they are doing makeup change...

Anyways to cut the story short here are the images from our shoot. I'm still retouching some images but I'm so excited to share this so I will share it now!