Shooting with Film

I recently purchased a medium format film camera from a friend of mine. I was a big fan of film photography before, never really understood why people still chose to shoot film until my friend showed me the difference and lend me his camera for a week.

There are multiple reasons why I was convinced to get the camera.

1. I can't afford to buy a medium format digital camera right now but I want a bigger sensor
2. Colours, I believe that nothing beats the colour of film, I am sure some photographer/retoucher can replicate it, but it's not easy.
3. Shooting with film camera made me more aware of what's in my shot.
4. I am forced to understand light better.
5. It feels nice to go in the lab and develop your film and the excitement of seeing your images.
6. "Rolls" sounds better than CF/SD
7. Dynamic range is incomparable with digital.
8. Leaf shutter!!
9. The "organic" feeling using the camera

I am sure there's more but these are the main things I like about shooting with Film.